Butler Paranormal Research Society

Who is Butler Paranormal Research Society?

Butler Paranormal Research Society is a not- for-profit organization dedicated to the spiritual and scientific research and investigation of intelligent, residual hauntings, poltergeists and other paranormal phenomena.

Butler Paranormal Research Society was started by Tim Roxbury in December 2009. Tim became interested in the paranormal at a young age.

In 2008 he joined a paranormal team in Titusville, later he decided to pursue his quest in finding the truth and start a paranormal research team closer to Butler.

Since then he has investigated some of the most well known locations known for paranormal activity.

Through his experiences in dealing with the paranormal Tim and his team are able to offer peace of mind to those that are experiencing something they cannot explain.

Often times there are logical explanations for the seemingly unexplainable things that can occur in a residence or business.

Our investigative and research team begins all investigations with a careful degree of skepticism.

We do not claim to cleanse or remove any entities that may be present. We do not use Ouija Boards, Tarot Cards, or other forms of occult practices. It is very important to our investigators to respect the privacy and personal property of those we service.

Our mission is to research, study and investigate claims of alleged paranormal activity in various locations such as homes, business and abandoned locations to determine the underlying causes or triggers of the activity.

Our goal is to approach every investigation in a professional, spiritual, scientific and organized manner.

Including documentation of all E.M.F. and Temperature readings and, personal experiences throughtout the entire investigation that our team members may have experienced.

Our team comes from different backgrounds but we all share a common goal in investigating paranormal phenomena that we take very seriously.

We have had specialized training in the techniques of investigating the paranormal and continue to further our education to understand more of this evolving science and the technologies being used to study it.

Using the various tools and methods that are
available to us we try to determine the
type of haunting or activity that a client may be experiencing in their home or place of business.

After every investigation is complete, we go through the process of analyzing the audio and video data.

We will then meet with our clients and present our findings to them.


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